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Covenant and Coronavirus

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Living our values aloud,
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Unitarian Universalism is a vibrant faith tradition that allows each of us to come to our own sense of what is divine, or sacred.

COVID-19 UPDATE - May 17th:

The Texas state government has determined that certain businesses and organizations can open their doors on May 1st. This includes churches as long as they adhere to safe distancing practices. UUCOC has decided to wait until the local government determines it is safe to open our doors.

While we acknowledge the state’s right to decide we prefer to listen to the voices of those who are not making this determination based on the economy; rather we will listen to the health officials and scientists whose wisdom is based, not on money, but on the welfare of Americans. For those of us who are humanists prefer to adhere to practical and realistic advice from experts specifically trained in medicine and science. Those of us who are more spiritual realize God cannot be contained within the four walls of a building, for whatever we choose to worship is also found on a morning walk alone, or even in the privacy of our rooms.

This too shall pass; perhaps, as a great philosopher once said, like a kidney stone, but it will pass. And when we gather again, we want it to not be a dangerous situation in which we spread the virus, instead, we want to return to the warm welcoming community we love without fear.

While the current timeline has the city potentially opening again on the 15th, we are keenly aware that we are dealing with a virus that has its own timeline and we must be willing to adjust. Perhaps it is a message to us all that we cannot control everything and it’s time to let go and let Nature take her course.

Thank you all for being with us virtually, or in spirit. We appreciate each and every one with whom we come in contact. May your life be filled with blessings and peace.

Beth Ferree, UUCOC Vice President

Service starts at10:00 am.

We are using Zoom to present our services live on Sunday mornings and publishing the sermon to Facebook for future viewing. You can subscribe to our videos on Facebook to receive notifications when we have posted new sermons (

Please visit our services page for the links to the Zoom meetings.

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Congratulations to our newly elected Board & Committee Members.
All terms will begin on July 1, 2020

Beth Ferree

Stacy Smith Pankratz

Renée Brill

Yolanda Graham

Marco Villegas
Endowment Fund Member

Kenneth Jackson
Nancy Johnstone
Leadership Development Committee

And the proposed budget passed!


We gather in sanctuary. Here we are free to pursue our own individual spiritual journeys in an atmosphere of acceptance, compassion, and celebration.

We seek to build a community where what we believe is less important than how our beliefs guide and inform our participation in the world.

We create a safe haven for children to develop their own ethical and moral compasses.

We seek to build a community that honors our aspirations and imaginations and allows us to explore the transcendent mystery of our universe.

We’re nestled on five acres of wooded land not far from the center of Dallas giving us the best of two worlds – accessibility and solitude.  Our labyrinth is a perfect spot for meditation and reflection in the midst of nature.

The UUA has designated us as a welcoming congregation. This means we have taken classes, participated in educational events, and organizational assessment so we could become more open to the needs and desires of the LGBTQ community.


Upcoming Events

We are a church that believes in...

  • Exploring Spirit with Joy: We celebrate our spirituality through teaching, learning, laughter, song, dance, and love.

  • Reinventing Community: We expand community by sharing our gifts of energy, time, food, talent, and wealth.

  • Inspiring Justice & Responsibility: We champion civil, economic, and environmental justice in our community and the world.

  • Empowering Through Love to Transform Lives: We challenge ourselves to extend our loving community beyond the bounds of our congregation by affirming fair and responsible treatment of every living thing.

Our Covenant Of Right Relations

Ours is a covenantal church. Latin for "come together," covenant means a "solemn agreement" or "promise from the heart" regarding a course of action between parties. The practice of promising to walk together is the core of our faith. (from

Simply put, it is a guide for the behavior we expect from ourselves and each other. We are bound together by the promises we make to one another, and we recite our covenant during every worship service.

We honor each individual’s spiritual journey.
We celebrate life’s abundance in service to each other, our community, and the world.
We connect with each other in love, respect, and acceptance.
Thus do we covenant together.

Our Mission

"We, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff, facilitate individual spiritual growth, and manifest our shared values through action with the greater community."

Transforming Lives Through Compassion and Action

Welcome Visitors and Guests!

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