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  • Up Next Sept 13, 2020: Stewardship
    UUCOC Endowment Committee Member Jim Klipp and Board President Beth Ferree will be in our virtual pulpit addressing stewardship.
  • Up Next Sept 6, 2020: Toward a Rich & Meaningful UU Spirituality
    Renée Brill will be in our virtual pulpit for an introduction to the Spirit in Practice sermon series. We will begin by looking at a broad definition of spiritual practice and by exploring some of the benefits of having an intentional regular...
  • Up Next UUCOC Sunday Service, August 30th: The Year Without Ingathering
    Renée Brill answers the question - how can we have ingathering without gathering?
  • Up Next August 23rd: Membership
    Membership - What does it mean? What is it that people seek when they affiliate with a UU church? What is it that congregations owe to their members and conversely members owe to their congregations? Susan Ammons will be in our virtual pulpit.
  • Up Next August 16th: The One Where We Talk About Polity
    As part of a continuing series at UUCOC that follows The New UU curriculum, Matt Pargeter-Villarreal will be presenting a reflection on the church polity, what it is, and why it is so important for us to talk about as UUs.
  • Up Next August 9th: UU Social Justice Philosophy & Practice
    How social justice ties in with our Seven Principles. Sarah Spencer is in our virtual pulpit.
  • Up Next August 2nd: How We Grow In Faith - Principles of RE
    Benefits and challenges of religious education and exploration at any age, from a veteran volunteer. Leah Pittmon is in our virtual pulpit.
  • Up Next July 26th: Exploring Our UU Roots
    Exploring our UU Roots - Where we began, how the Unitarians became connected with the Universalists, and a short history of our own congregation. Beth Ferree is in our virtual pulpit.
  • Up Next July 12th - Unitarian Universalist Theology: What We Believe
    Hold up, wait a second. I joined this church because you wouldn't tell me what to believe. What are you doing giving a sermon about what Unitarian Universalists believe when we don't agree on what we believe? Well... That's a good place to start....
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    Up Next July 19th: "Radical Saints or Sainted Radicals?"
    "Radical Saints or Sainted Radicals?" investigates people who helped push the boundaries of UUism and helped expand the consciousness of our church. Daniel Polk is our guide on this exploration.



"What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?"

Sunday Sermon, July 5, 2020
Larry Brumfield

One hundred sixty-eight years ago, abolitionist Frederick Douglass was invited to address the Rochester Ladies' Anti-Slavery Society in New York. Although much has changed for Black Americans over the intervening decades, recent events have made it abundantly clear that much of what he had to say is still tragically relevant now. Three of our members take our virtual pulpit to share their perspectives.

Note that this is our complete Sunday Service, including music and readings, thanks to the continuing work on copyright clearances by the UUA.




Sunday Sermon, June 28, 2020
Larry Brumfield

Messages from our LGBTQIA+ community on the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. This week we have started providing the entire service for viewing with permission from the UUA and other holders of the copyrights for our readings and music.



"Families of Color"

Sunday Sermon, June 21, 2020
Larry Brumfield

Parental Experiences of People of Color offered by several of our members. With Chaplain Larry Brumfield.



Sunday Sermon, June 14, 2020
Larry Brumfield

Juneteenth is a celebration of the day the News arrived... how does it connect to our lives today as UUs? UUCOC Chaplain Larry Brumfield is in our virtual pulpit.


The Power and Challenges of Disability

Sunday Sermon, June 7, 2020
Renée Brill, Beth Ferree, Roddy Roderick

This Sunday will bring multiple voices to our virtual pulpit as Renee and Beth tell us what they've learned through the challenges they've faced and our guest in the pulput, Roddy Roderick, delivers a meditation on love.



Covenant and Coronavirus

Sunday Sermon, May 31, 2020
Larry Brumfield

UUCOC Chaplain Larry Brumfield will be in our virtual pulpit to continue our discussion of Covenant; in action to a new and better normal.

If Unitarian Universalism’s crux were reduced to a few points in space and time, they would be those potent moments just before and just after we keep promises, or break them. The power of those moments is simple, shocking, and science-based.


Intergalactic Covenant or Cosmopolitan Covenant

Sunday Sermon, May 24, 2020
Paul Fucile

Whitman, Thoreau, the Navajo-Hopi Nation, and humanity’s everlasting covenant with nature, the earth, and the Universe. From stardust we came, to stardust we shall return. Paul Fucile was in our virtual pulpit.


The Covenant, Right Relations and Spiritual Growth*
*Alternate title: The Covenant and Doritos®

Sunday Sermon, May 17, 2020
Beth Ferree

What does the Covenant mean for us in honoring spiritual growth of the individual while working toward a beloved community?
Beth Feree returns to our virtual pulpit.


 Where do Covenants come from?
Why are they important to Unitarian Universalists?

Sunday Sermon, May 10, 2020
Renée Brill

We are going to talk about the history of Covenants in Unitarian Universalism. What makes them so important to our faith? What are some of the strengths of our covenanting tradition and what are some of it's weaknesses? Renée Brill will be in our virtual pulpit.


 Beltane: Let's have a real good time!

Sunday Sermon, May 3, 2020
Renée Brill & Jayde Harrington

Today's service takes a bit of a different look at the celebration of Beltane with Renée Brill & Jayde Harrington.

Today's Beltane service is about sexuality within the queer community from a pagan perspective. We want to make it clear that while we support free sexual expression, we do so from the assumption and understanding that consent between partners is essential and necessary. For some of our viewers the content within the sermon may have the unintended consequence of triggering memories for those who have been victimized through sexual misconduct.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.


 Blessing of the Animals

Sunday Sermon, April 26, 2020
Blessing of the Animals, with Paul Fucile

This is the Sunday we bless our friends from the Animal Kingdom.
Today, it was done as a virtual blessing with our furry, fuzzy, and scaly companions staying at home with us.


What UUCOC Means to Me

Sunday, April 19, 2020

 Five members took to our pulpit to share their stories of what our church and UU means to them.




Great Over Soul and Inter Heart
Linda Ice & Myron Ice

2:53 min
06-24-2018 Muslim Prayer
Autumn VanVolkinburg

1:50 min
Comments: Autumn opened our service with this prayer.
05-27-18 Memorial Day and the Military Economy
Rev. Larry Brumfield

21:34 min
Comments: Has this phenomena become so commonplace that we accept it as normal?
06-03-18 The Chip on my Spiritual Shoulder
Darvin Stephens

13:52 min
Comments: Darvin Stephens returns to our pulpit.
06-10-18 Faith in What?
Donna Leach

22:47 min
Comments: How many times has someone told us to "have faith"? What does that mean, exactly? What are we as UU's to have faith in?
06-17-2018 How to be a good Dad
Renée Brill

16:45 min
Comments: Renée Brill returns to Dallas and to our pulpit with a celebration of Fathers' Day.
06-24-2018 Coming Out to Love
BeeBee Gafoor

37:31 min
Comments: BeeBee talks about her life experiences that have led to a spiritual transformation into heart-centered living.
07-01-2018 Becoming Unitarian Universalist
Renée Brill

17:51 min
Comments: Renée Brill presented a "How To Guide" for the Never Ending process of converting to Unitarian Universalism for individuals and congregations.
07-29-2018 The Rejected Stones
Rev. Larry Brumfield

26:19 min
Comments: Rev. Larry Brumfield delivered the message that the rejected must LEAD the revival for Love and Justice! (Apologies for some issues with a few sections of the recording.)
11-25-18 Living In Answered Prayer
BB Gafor

25:38 min
Comments: BB shared some of her personal experiences and practices that moved her out of a life of quiet desperation into a life lived in answered prayer.
12-23-2018 Birth & Other Human Miracles
Renee Brill

14:43 min
Comments: The Christmas Story Through a UU Lens




All original material copyright Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff
and the presenters included in these recordings and is used with permission.