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From the Pulpit     

06-24-2018 Muslim Prayer
Autumn VanVolkinburg

1:50 min
Comments: Autumn opened our service with this prayer.
05-27-18 Memorial Day and the Military Economy
Rev. Larry Brumfield

21:34 min
Comments: Has this phenomena become so commonplace that we accept it as normal?
06-03-18 The Chip on my Spiritual Shoulder
Darvin Stephens

13:52 min
Comments: Darvin Stephens returns to our pulpit.
06-10-18 Faith in What?
Donna Leach

22:47 min
Comments: How many times has someone told us to "have faith"? What does that mean, exactly? What are we as UU's to have faith in?
06-17-2018 How to be a good Dad
Renée Brill

16:45 min
Comments: Renée Brill returns to Dallas and to our pulpit with a celebration of Fathers' Day.
06-24-2018 Coming Out to Love
BeeBee Gafoor

37:31 min
Comments: BeeBee talks about her life experiences that have led to a spiritual transformation into heart-centered living.
07-01-2018 Becoming Unitarian Universalist
Renée Brill

17:51 min
Comments: Renée Brill presented a "How To Guide" for the Never Ending process of converting to Unitarian Universalism for individuals and congregations.
07-29-2018 The Rejected Stones
Rev. Larry Brumfield

26:19 min
Comments: Rev. Larry Brumfield delivered the message that the rejected must LEAD the revival for Love and Justice! (Apologies for some issues with a few sections of the recording.)
11-25-18 Living In Answered Prayer
BB Gafor

25:38 min
Comments: BB shared some of her personal experiences and practices that moved her out of a life of quiet desperation into a life lived in answered prayer.
12-23-2018 Birth & Other Human Miracles
Renee Brill

14:43 min
Comments: The Christmas Story Through a UU Lens




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and the presenters included in these recordings and is used with permission.