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The Memorial and Meditation Garden and The Gazebo

"Mary's Garden"

garden signage
The garden and gazebo are named in loving memory of long-time member Mary Leggitt.

"Jazz Under the Stars"

jazz in the gazebo

The Gazebo has been used for a number of events since its installation.

marys garden sign

Matching funds from a Chalice Lighters’ Grant from the Southwest UU Conference made our Memorial and Meditation Garden and Gazebo a reality. Thank you Chalice Lighters!

"I now pronounce you..."

wedding in the gazebo
Several outdoor weddings have been held in the gazebo.

"Fall Festival with The Lost Serenaders"fall festival in the gazebo

Did you know trees make a great backstage?
The acoustics are fabulous!
(And so were the musicians - and that dancer!)


"Presenting Ronny Cox"

ronny cox helping to dedicate the gazebo
Singer-Songwriter-Actor Ronny Cox helped dedicate the gazebo.

"After the journey from Central Texas"

delivery day feb. 2, 2010

Delivery Day
February 2, 2010
(In case you were curious how it got here.)


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