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Point in Time Homeless Headcount Project

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Once again we have the opportunity to partner with CitySquare on January 24th for the Point in Time Homeless Headcount. Read what James Fairchild had to say about his experience last year and use the button below to learn more and register.

"Last year’s Point in Time Count was the second I’d participated in. The first year the group I was with was assigned to an area with very few people in it. Our team interviewed 6 people that year. This past year was quite different.  We were assigned to an area that was heavy with encampments and we interviewed people for the entire evening - at least 30-40 people over the course of 2-3 hours.

Both years I was amazed to discover how open and responsive nearly everyone was that we talked with. In my opinion, the handful of questions that we are given to ask people are very personal, yet on the whole, people are eager and willing to share their stories. Both years, there have been a few people who didn’t want to talk with us so we simply respected their privacy. The app we download to assist with recoding the count allows us to count people who don’t want to be interviewed, as well as those who do.

Both years it’s been very cold. Each CitySquare team of 5-6 people is paired with an experienced social worker who is a member of the CitySquare Homeless Outreach Team. We go out equipped with bus passes, water, and kits that usually include some kind of snack plus socks or gloves. I think that this encourages more people to talk with us but I also think that many would talk to us regardless.

To me, the meaningful part of volunteering with this count is getting more people out to interact with our neighbors who experience homelessness. I know that the count sets the stage for funding to provide solutions to homelessness and that is important. But I think that demystifying, humanizing, and personalizing those who experience homelessness by sitting and talking with them one on one is the most meaningful outcome of the evening."

- James Fairchild

You can contact James at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

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