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Create & Thrive Drive
& Announcements from UUCOC Treasurer Paul Fucile


Welcome to the 2021-2022 UUCOC Pledge Drive:



Pledge Drive Update from Paul - 11-05-2021:



Operating Pledge Drive 2021-22

It is that time of year again for all of us to make a financial commitment supporting the continued creation and flourishing of the UUCOC community. This year we’re asking, what is possible? What can we create together with our time, talent and treasures committed to the thriving UUCOC community? Let’s look at what we’ve accomplished just this last year so that we may imagine what is possible in the year ahead.

Volunteers are the life blood of our church! Without the work of our volunteers, our church simply couldn’t exist. These are just some examples of the tons of work our volunteers have done:

  • Thanks to the Worship Team’s incredible work, our virtual services have attracted people from all over the country!
  • Linda and Mavis spent many hours sorting and re-shelving the books in the library, and the shelves have new signs!
  • The Sacred Spaces crew spent many hours cleaning and beautifying our campus!
  • The Communications Team kept us informed and entertained through the e-blast as well as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!
  • The Endowment Fund managers worked hard to keep our investments secure!
  • Sarah Ricke continued to work tirelessly to keep our Adult Religious Education classes going!
  • The Repairs Team invested many hours in finding contractors & vendors then overseeing work being done on the church!
  • The FUNd-raising Team has done a tremendous job thinking of new ways to raise money for the church then transforming those ideas into reality!
  • In addition to Sunday announcements, Alicia Kalich follows up with our visitors!
  • And, last, but certainly not least, our board members volunteered their time, energy and talent to keep our church going!

Caring for Our Members

  • In December, we prepared & delivered meals to congregants making their holidays merry & bright!
  • We continued our member outreach by sending cards for special occasions as well as sympathy cards during times of loss.
  • We started “Widening the Circle of Concern” workshops to address white supremacy in obvious and hidden places.
  • Our Pastoral Care Team was available for those who needed a shoulder or a hand during these difficult times.
  • We celebrated our historic church’s 60th anniversary!

Engaging with our Community is another important part of our mission:

  • We were honored to host a Back-to-School donation box for Family Compass whose mission is to prevent child abuse through community education & parenting classes.
  • We reached out to those who are food insecure as well as to those who are housing insecure.
  • We continued partnering with the Veggie Store Project and hosting the Sankofa Community Garden on the church grounds.
  • We partnered with New Vida Church and their food pantry.
  • We hosted the inaugural CraftCycle Dallas pop up event with all proceeds going to the church.
  • We hosted the Haunted Forest fundraiser!

Because of generous donations and your vote to use monies from the Endowment Fund, repairs & updates to the campus included:

  • New sign out front
  • New roof on Faith
  • New siding and paint on Faith
  • Repair doors of Faith and the front doors have been repainted
  • New ceiling in Faith lobby
  • New, wider chairs for services
  • New lights in the hallways of Hope
  • New paint job in the hall and doors of Hope
  • New playground equipment
  • A new look in the nursery and some fun new toys
  • New furniture in Charity
  • A new floor on the gazebo
  • New outdoor lighting

We were also honored to welcome new members to our church!


Welcome (l-r) Emily Glenn, Josh & Joeie Hile and Tami Hillberry!

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled pledge drive.
The pandemic has been hard on many of us, physically, mentally and spiritually. Not being able to join together in fellowship has been hard on us, but our congregation is strong! Even during the most restrictive days of the pandemic, we gave of our time, our talent, and our treasures to help each other and to help our community. As we look forward to opening our doors, we promise to continue working together. The way we keep that promise is to pledge, whether it be our time & talent or for those who are able, to pledge financially.

Where does the money go? Pledge monies go to our operating fund which pays for the lights, the heat and AC as well as water and other utilities. It also pays for our contractors and staff who are instrumental in keeping our church functioning smoothly.

Although we look forward to meeting together in person, we will continue to provide virtual options for attending our services. We will also need to apply technological solutions to meet the needs of our virtual community.

Additionally, we received a $60,000 NTUCC grant to help us find a minister! The total amount will be distributed over the next four years. In December we’ll get a check for $5,000 to enable us to start the application and interview process in our search for a new minister. We will get $25,000 next year, $20,000 the next and $10,000 in 2024. Everything received after the first $5,000 is contingent on us finding, and retaining, a minister for the four-year period. Since we still need to come up with matching funds to pay a salary of $50,000 it is more important than ever that we continue our fundraising efforts and have a successful pledge drive.

Make Your Pledge! As you begin to make your pledge decisions, take a moment to imagine!

  • What do you love about our church?
  • What does our church look like to you over the next year?
  • Where do you see yourself in our church over the next year?
  • What can you do to make these dreams come true?

Something Familiar, Something New

Your generous support makes it possible for UUCOC to  budget in a way that is both realistic and aspirational. Please make your pledge decisions by 11/21/21.

Some parts of the 2022 pledge drive are the same:

  • You can either make your pledge online through Breeze or download a paper form to mail to the church.
  • You can set up recurring payments or one-time payments online, simply select “Pledge 2022” in the dropdown menu of Breeze.
  • You can set up recurring payments or one-time payments via text, simply use the code “P22” and the amount you want to pledge.
  • You can select the areas in which you want to pledge your time & talent online or download a paper form to mail to the church.

New: You will be able to track your financial pledges through your profile in our database, Breeze!

Pledge financially online with the form below or you can download a PDF to print a paper form:

Pledge Time & Talent below or download and print a paper form:


We deeply appreciate your support for our community regardless of how much you are able to give.


Pledge Campaign Form


Online Contributions Form


Time & Talent Pledge Submission Form


You’ve Done It!!  Go You!!  You Rock!!