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In May of 1980, Bill Holoway left to take a position with the UUA. Bob Hill was appointed our minister, and he served Arlington and College Station as well.

With the increased cost of ministerial services and the hope that we could build a larger sanctuary, we organized a number of fundraising activities. Service auctions offered everything from flying lessons, sailboat rides, wine tasting, and dinners to babysitting services and window washing. These raised between $1,500 and $2,100. A Minnesota friend of Sally Jones operated a Lil “O” Donuts Booth at the State Fair from 1981-86. We staffed the booth for five years, earning a total of over $8,500. Everyone who participated in the project enjoyed it  ̶̇̇  a social as well as fundraising activity. Spring and Fall garage sales were another fundraising project. Each one brought in between $1,000 and $2,000.

In 1981, we arranged a 5% loan from the Veatch Fund of the UUA for $136,240. No payment were due for the first three years which was when our first loan would be paid off. This enabled us to plan for a larger building which we moved into in the fall of 1983. Still a "hands on" fellowship operation, we did much of the grunt work to save money. Most of the membership was on hand to lay the tiles. You have never seen so many Unitarians on their knees!

A Women’s discussion group began in the early ‘80s which developed into the Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation (UUWF). This group met for potluck meals and took on fundraising projects to purchase new chairs or other special items. Among the special interest groups during the 80s was a Camera Club, a Weight Control group, Disarmament Study group, Jazzercise, and Sunday evening volleyball (The Fighting Chiggers). A member who worked for a travel agency led 18 of our members on a 10-day trip to Mexico.

Early Unitarian Churches usually closed during the summer. Even First Church in Dallas only held informal services during the summer. We didn’t hold regular services from June until after Labor Day. Sunday morning picnics were popular, but Bob Hill pointed out that a visitor might show up and never come back if the place was locked up. So in 1982, we began holding summer services  ̶̇̇  more casual and with no scheduled RE. When we had been away for the summer, the ingatherings were especially joyous. In 1987, the Calhouns hosted the 9th annual late August potluck.

Bob Hill accepted a position with the UUA and the Extension Ministry selected Frank Carpenter to fill the gap. He came in the fall of 1982, serving Arlington, Denton, and Oak Cliff. In 1984, Earle Ramsdell wrote the Hymn to Nature found at the back of our hymnbooks. Copyright was assigned to Oak Cliff Unitarian Fellowship. In 1986, Gloriann Mulligan was hired as a pianist. Tom Wellman, whose class was studying famous Unitarians, designed a second mural with their portraits for the youth building, and the boys painted it as a summer project in 1987.

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