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Some jokes, stories, myths, and lies about us Unitarians


What makes our church such a special place? The people! Creating a space where everyone feels welcome and free to explore their religious paths takes work and volunteers. Read about our different committees and ministries and consider volunteering to help keep our church vibrant!

Upcoming Committee and Ministry Meetings

19 Jul 2018
05:45PM - 07:15PM
Leadership Development Committee
22 Jul 2018
12:30PM -
Worship Ministry Meeting
24 Jul 2018
07:00PM -
UUCOC Board Meeting
08 Aug 2018
07:00PM -
Coordinating Council Meeting
12 Aug 2018
12:30PM -
Social Justice Ministry Meeting
16 Aug 2018
05:45PM - 07:15PM
Leadership Development Committee




Keeping everyone “in the know” is a big job in a congregation like ours. This group encompasses several areas:

  • Audio-visual technology including media support for our services
  • Internal communications efforts such as our newsletter, email bulletins, and flyers
  • External communications including, marketing, public relations, and press releases



Finance & Planning

This group helps to envision the future of our church and establishes the steps to get there. Activities, such as fundraising, are used to keep our church fiscally healthy. The chair advises the board on financial matters, prepares annual budgets for presentation to the congregation, and oversees the budget during the fiscal year.

The treasurer and the chair of the Endowment Fund are also members of this ministry.



Membership Ministry

This group welcomes all visitors and facilitates the path to membership in or friendship with the church. The group provides mentoring, orientation, support, and assistance to the minister by administering care and crisis support as needed.

The Membership Ministry also encompasses hospitality, which embodies our caring and welcoming spirit, by greeting members and guests on Sunday morning as well as lending a hand with coffee, tea, and refreshments.



Ministry of Religious Education

This group provides opportunities for individuals as well as families, adults as well as children for spiritual growth.  Religious Education provides a place for all of us to learn and develop our individual faith and religious practices based on Unitarian Universalist practices and principles.




Sacred Spaces

Many of our members and guests find the divine as they interact with nature. Participation in this group may include

  • Planning development of green spaces on the church grounds to connect with nature, including landscaping, parking lot expansion, and more

  • Keeping our church welcoming and safe by repairing, painting, and maintaining the property

  • Keeping our commitment to the Earth in action by planting and caring for flowers & plants, landscaping with native plants, installing rain barrels & beehives, and more

Worship & Music Ministry

Not only does this group plan our services and sermons, it also integrates music and song into the life of the church.




Membership Care

This group is comprised of people who demonstrate care & compassion by providing support for members and visitors who are in need.




Leadership Development Committee

Recognizing talent and encouraging involvement is vital for growth. This group:

  • Provides opportunities to serve the church by matching members with non-elective positions

  • Offers nominees for open positions to be voted on at the annual Parish Meeting

  • Counts votes after the Parish Meeting